Sony KDL32EX703U LED TV Review

sony kdl-32ex703u led tv review
The Sony KDL32EX703U is a slim-line LED TV that has a 32 inch display, full HD 1080p resolution and a whole lot more. Beneath its subtle exterior lies a plethora of high end technology and because it does not have an over-sized display, it is entering the market at a very affordable price point.
Those who know about their technology tend to opt for Sony because its brand acts as a guarantee of quality and the Sony KDL32EX703U will definitely meet such lofty expectations.

Popular screensize gets slimmer

Many consumers opt for a 32 inch HDTV because it will not make a smaller living room feel cramped and overawed in its presence. With the dawn of LED backlighting the Sony KDL32EX703U takes up even less space than ever before.
You can hang it from a wall or leave it on a stand and it will spring to life when required and then retire into the background decor when you are not – great for relaxing in front of after a hard day at the office.

1080p Full HD with Bravia Engine Technology

The fact that the Sony KDL32EX703U supports full HD 1080p is worthy of note, because cheaper TVs in the 32 inch bracket will usually only offer 720p resolutions; which means that this offering from Sony provides the viewer with a far more detailed picture, provided you are watching full HD content from the likes of a Blu Ray player or games console.
To back up this fine resolution there is the Bravia Engine 3, which produces optimal image quality no matter what you are watching. Deep contrast, vibrant colours and crystal clear images jump from the screen and with the Motionflow 100Hz refresh rate, you won’t feel like the TV is struggling keep up when things get a little bit hectic onscreen.

Built in High Def Freeview on the KDL-32EX703U

If you are considering the Sony KDL32EX703U for your living room, then you may already own a Blu Ray player, or have one in mind as a partner to this purchase.
However, you do not need to buy one, or separate set top boxes or playback devices if you want to watch video in high definition; very conveniently, this TV has Freeview HD built in via a dedicated receiver – so you can watch HD programs from the BBC and ITV without having to pay for subscription TV.
As it is Freeview, you can use your existing aerial to enjoy the new HD services. The only catch is that you need to live in an area with Freeview HD coverage, but the net of Freeview HD is widening regularly.

Internet Catch Up TV and Film Service

When you are not watching Blu Ray movies or enjoying subscription-free HD channels, you can stream videos from the internet thanks to the Sony KDL32EX703U’s Bravia Internet Video functionality. On-demand video from terrestrial broadcasters such as Channel 5 is accessible, along with more free content from YouTube and DailyMotion.
You can also rent movies to watch whenever you want from LoveFilm, or get access to popular TV series via Sony Entertainment Television. You will need to snake an Ethernet cable into the back of your TV in order to unlock these online features, or you could invest in a Wi-Fi adaptor to eliminate the mess by wiring everything together.

Final Thoughts

The Sony KDL32EX703U is attractive but not distracting, large without overwhelming the room in which it is placed and definitely something for LED TV fans to lust over.

KDL32EX703U Best Price

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