Sony KDL40EX703U LED TV Review

sony kdl40ex703u led tv review
The Sony KDL40EX703U is part of a brand new range of Bravia HDTVs from one of the best manufacturers in the world.
It has full HD 1080p support and LED technology that helps make it thinner and lighter than those that have come before.
It boasts a healthy dose of online capabilities and interactive services that will let it perform far more tricks than your average television.

40 inch panel will suit most room sizes

With a slate-like design that focuses on black with a hint of metal added in a bar below the screen, the Sony KDL40EX703U certainly looks every inch the high tech consumer toy.
Its 40 inch screen puts it in the sweet spot in terms of size and usability, because it is not overbearing in smaller spaces, but is well suited to providing a cinematic viewing experience.
It begs to be hooked up to a Blu Ray player via one of its four HDMI inputs and has the ability to display over two million individual pixels. When 1080p content is being displayed, it gives you a supremely realistic picture that deserves heaps of hyperbole.
It will also be a great partner to modern high definition games consoles like the Xbox 360 or Sony’s own PlayStation 3, so you have enough connectivity options to keep yourself busy.

Get the latest High Definition content via the built in Freeview Tuner

Within the workings of the Sony KDL40EX703U is a Freeview HD tuner, which makes separate set top boxes obsolete and gives you access to the latest high definition content broadcast straight down your existing aerial.
That means there is no need to strap a satellite dish on the side of your home or pay out monthly to subscription TV providers, as there are several free-to-air HD channels provided by terrestrial broadcast.

It is worth checking whether your area is already covered by Freeview HD, but over the next couple of years it should be available nationwide.

View online content straight from the Sony KDL40EX703U

Manufacturers have realised that more and more people are watching TV on their computers, whether it be from streaming sites or catch up TV services and in an effort to bring this functionality to the living room, the Sony KDL40EX703U supports the Bravia Internet Video service.
You can either plug your TV into your home network via an Ethernet cable, or purchase the optional Wi-Fi dongle. Once this has been done, you can watch clips and shows on YouTube, find out about the latest news and gossip and stay in touch with your friends and family.
Much of this content is free to use if you have a broadband connection and it is definitely something of an investment as more and more content becomes available online.

Power Savings Galore

Since the Sony KDL40EX703U has the Bravia stamp of approval, it plays host to energy saving capabilities, including the Ambient Sensor which dims the backlight when the lights are turned low and the Energy Saving Switch which completely eliminates energy consumption by the TV – even if you leave it plugged in.

Sony’s latest eco-friendly feature is called the Presence Sensor, this cleverly registers when the viewer moves away from the LED TV, giving you the option to have it automatically cut out the picture so that no unnecessary electricity is used.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a 40 inch television with LED technology and superior picture quality, the Sony KDL40EX703U comes with a highly reputable brand name backed up by top notch hardware.

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