Sony KDL40EX713U LED TV Review

sony kdl40ex713u led tv review
The Sony KDL40EX713U is a 40 inch HDTV which takes advantage of LED backlighting technology to produce excellent onscreen images whilst possessing a frame which is considerably slimmer than its predecessors in this price bracket.

The Sony brand name is as good an assurance of quality as any review, but if you want a little more information about this impressive television then read on for an in-depth look.

Super Slim panel that will grace any living space

The Sony KDL40EX713U is not only very thin but it is also blessed with an unobtrusive bezel surrounding the screen, making it look modern from all angles.

With a slim build it can be mounted on the wall in a position that is almost flush to the surface, making it unobtrusive, although it will also cut a handsome figure when it is freestanding, so you have the option for either.

100 Hz MotionFlow plus Bravia Engine for unparalleled picture performance

The Sony KDL40EX713U display supports a native resolution of 1920×1080 across its 40 inch widescreen expanse, which as many will know means that it can play back full HD content from Blu Ray discs as well as allowing HD video games consoles to make games look their best.
Coupled with this high resolution and large screen size is Sony’s 100Hz Motionflow system which is designed to reduce the amount of blurriness or ghosting which can have an impact on action-packed scenes from films or intense sections of play during sports.

On top of this you have version 3 of the Bravia image processing engine working to produce natural colours and deep contrast levels regardless of what you are watching.

Hidden speakers on the KDL40EX713U

The Sony KDL40EX713U features a pair of speakers from Sony’s S-Force range which are disguised within the television and allow for virtual surround sound to be developed in your living room.

No shortage of inputs for HDMI and USB devices

It has plenty of inputs to accept various HDMI devices from camcorders to Blu Ray players and it also has USB inputs which you can use either to view home video and still images from a USB thumb drive or to plug in a separate Wi-Fi adapter so that you can take the TV online for wireless streaming and advanced functionality.

Eco Efficient panel lowers carbon footprint

Because this is an LED TV the Sony KDL40EX713U will use much less energy than its flatscreen forebears.
This is because LEDs are able to convert electricity into light more efficiently without wasting it as heat.

Sony provides you with other tools to cut down on the carbon footprint of your home entertainment system thanks to the inclusion of the presence sensor.
This is able to detect whether or not anyone is actually watching the television and if you leave the room for an extended period it will disable the picture and eventually power down the whole TV to save energy and ultimately give you a healthier electricity bill at the end of the quarter.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Sony KDL40EX713U is a very competitive LED TV in a growing market.
You cannot beat LED TVs when it comes to slimness of build and you do not have to compromise on image quality or contrast levels either, so it makes sense to invest in a brighter, greener future.

KDL40EX713U Best Price

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