Sony KDL40NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl40nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL40NX713U is part of the range of the HD televisions created by Sony to be 3D ready.
Its 40″ LCD screen is edge lit by LED and has a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution.
It comes ready with HD Freeview and is compatible with Blu-ray DVD players and various games consoles.

Sleek uncompromising appearance

The screen features Sony’s new Monolithic design, which is incredibly clean and simple in its appearance.
The screen is positioned at a 178 degree angle which Sony say is the optimal viewing angle.
The Sony KDL40NX713U is wall mountable but can also be placed on a stand.

Plenty of connections to keep everybody happy

The Sony KDL40NX713U can be connected to various devices via various methods.
All Sony televisions in the Network range are part of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network. This means that you can use your TV to wirelessly view compatible gadgets, such as your phone, laptop or music player on a big screen.

It is also possible to connect to the internet using the wireless capabilities on the Sony KDL40NX713.
This means that you can keep up to date with your friends, family and news via sites such as Facebook and Flickr and even view YouTube.
It is also possible to use the catch up and on-demand services from this television.

You can connect HD devices to the Sony KDL40NX713U via 4 HDMI ports.
This includes HD TV, Blu-ray and PlayStation.
There is also a component video connection, an optical connection (for use with surround sound or home theatre packages) and a USB port. This USB port means that you can view pictures directly from your camera, camcorder or even USB memory stick on the Sony KDL40NX713U.

Great picture with 100Hz MotionFlow

The Sony KDL40NX713U is designed to show television programmes and films as well as Blu-ray and PlayStation in high definition.
This is made possible with various technologies.

All HD televisions must have a 1080p screen resolution. This is further enhanced with the LED edge lit LCD screen.
It is the LED light that helps to add a greater intensity of light and contrast to the picture.
LED lights also have a greater intensity of colour.

The Sony KDL40NX713U shows images at a higher rate of frames per second . Normal television screens show images at around 50Hz (50 images per second) but this panel is capable of running at 100Hz.

3D Ready KDL40NX713U

The 3D capabilities of the Sony KDL40NX713U are the real selling point of this LED TV.

Although the programming and films available are limited at the moment, the technology is ready for them.
The 3D picture can only be viewed with active shutter glasses and 3D sensor, which do have to be purchased separately.

Once your 3D TV is up and running though, there is a facility on the Sony KDL40NX713U which allows you to convert 2D TV and photos into faux 3D. Although not as good as true 3D, it is quite fun to see the possibilities whilst 3D is developed further.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL40NX713U is, for its size a good all rounder.

It is useful as a central point for all of your multimedia requirements. The design will fit in with any d├ęcor, because it is plain and simple, but retains a certain style.

Although 3D television is in its infancy, it is good to know that as and when it is available to a wider audience, your TV has the technology to view it.

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