Sony KDL46EX703U LED TV Review

sony kdl46ex703u led tv review

The Sony KDL46EX703U has a simple design that adds a touch of metallic chrome to the bezel below the display, while sticking with traditional piano black for the rest.
Since it uses LED TV technology, it is only a few centimetres thick and so it will look great in profile; whether you choose to mount it on a wall or leave it free standing on the base.

Integrated HD Freeview Player

Freeview HD is becoming available in more and more places around the UK and as the roll out of subscription-free high definition broadcasting continues, it makes sense to equip yourself for this futuristic asset.
For this reason the integrated Freeview HD tuner within the Sony KDL46EX703U will definitely appeal, because it means you will not need to upgrade your current set top box and you can in fact ditch all secondary decoders and still get HD channels from the BBC and its rival broadcasters.

Flawless Picture Quality on the KDL46EX403U

The Sony KDL46EX703U takes advantage of the third edition of Sony’s Bravia picture engine to give realistic, detail-rich onscreen images at all times.
The colour pallet is expansive and whatever you choose to watch will be rendered in high quality, even if it is from a standard definition source.
Those who enjoy sport and films will be pleased to hear that Sony’s 100Hz MotionFlow technology is onboard to minimise the chances of image blur and ghosting, so you can sit back and relax in front of a flawless picture every time.
All of this is combined with its full HD 1080p resolution, which will let you see every single detail onscreen, whether it is from a high definition Blu Ray movie or a live HD broadcast.

Plethora of Inputs plus Wi-Fi connection

The Sony KDL46EX703U has multiple HDMI inputs, but it also has SCART inputs for those who have older VHS or DVD players they still want to use.
A USB port is available so that you can insert a memory drive and then view photos in a slideshow or playback video clips on the big screen.

You can also purchase Sony’s Wi-Fi USB dongle which will let you access online content without the need for a wired Ethernet connection.

reduce eyestrain with built-in sensors

Amongst the extra features of the Sony KDL46EX703U is the intelligent Presence Sensor, which is something developed to help cut down on waste.
The TV recognises when you enter and exit a room, so if you are gone for an extended period it can power itself down.
It will also be able to tell when children are sitting too close to the screen, potentially putting themselves at risk of eyestrain and as such it will distort the onscreen image until the viewers are seated at a safe distance.

Final Thoughts

The Sony KDL46EX703U LED TV has a 46 inch screen, plenty of inputs, excellent picture quality and cutting edge capabilities, which converge to make it a highly desirable device from one of the biggest names in the industry.
If you are looking for a big screen addition to help recreate the cinematic experience in your home, then this is arguably one of the best choices on the market – provided you have the pocket change to hand over for this high end item.

The Sony KDL46EX703U combines style and performance in an irresistible package that is suited to enthusiasts and family viewers. It also has forward-thinking technology that will allow it to stay relevant for years to come.

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