Sony KDL46NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl46nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL46NX713U is part of the Network range of LED edge lit televisions.

It has a 46 inch LCD screen, when measured diagonally and boasts several features expected of the Sony brand, including Bravia engine technology and full 1080p high definition screen resolution.

Connect to the internet for catch-up services plus YouTube

The new generation of flat screen LED TVs are now fully equipped to deal with today’s multimedia lifestyle and the Sony KDL46NX713U is no exception.

The Sony Internet TV feature means that, alongside regular television, the viewer can access networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr and keep up to date with the latest viral on YouTube.

There is also the possibility of viewing the very latest on demand or catch up service such as the BBC’s iPlayer.

KDL46NX713U connects to your compatible components for an easy life

The multimedia doesn’t stop there.
The Sony KDL46NX713U also features a new concept called the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network.

This means that you can view your various compatible gadgets, including your phone, laptop or music player on your television screen. This is made possible by the wireless technology found within the Sony KDL46NX713U.

Wireless connection is available via a Dongle purchased separately. Another useful concept is the USB playback.
This allows the user to view media from cameras, camcorders or other device with USB connectivity.

3D Ready but needs extra kit

The Sony KDL46NX713U is 3D ready.
To view 3D, you need a 3D sensor and ‘Active shutter’ glasses.
This is different to conventional 3D television, viewed through green and red cardboard glasses.
The new shutter technology alternates the view from eye to eye at the same frequency as the frames per second on the television.

This 3D technology is in its infancy and the possibilities of 3D screens are endless. The Sony KDL46NX713U is compatible with various other 3D devices such as 3D blu-ray and 3D playstation games.
3D TV has also recently been launched and various sports and television programmes are now being made in full 3D.

Please note that the 3D sensor and glasses needed to view 3D content are extras and have to be bought separately, but some stores are selling a full package to get you up and running.

Superior viewing experience

This technology is made possible because of various factors.
LED lit screens aid the clarity of the picture, by providing incredibly sharp contrast of colours and hues.

The frequency that the television frames can be viewed at are incredibly high. Standard televisions are usually around 50 frames per second.
The new style 3D televisions have a higher 100Hz (100 frames per second) for standard viewing. The Sony KDL46NX713U can view films at an increased 240Hz, which means that they are a true representation of the movie, as the director intended.

Plenty of connector ports for all your equipment

The Sony KDL46NX713U has various connection points to support the various media.
These include 4 x HDMI points which enable the use of external high definition devices, such as a blu-ray player.
There is also a scart socket, USB port, component video connection and optical connection for audio devices such as a home theatre system.

This set looks good in any environment

All Sony televisions including the Sony KDL46NX713U feature the ‘Monolithic’ design, which boasts clean lines and quality materials used in the manufacturing.
This design has its own ‘Monolith’ stand which can be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL46NX713U is a good all rounder. It provides the latest in connectivity and internet capabilities but is also ready for the emerging 3D technology that will be available more and more in the coming months.

KDL46NX713U Best Price

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