Toshiba 19SL738B LED TV Review

toshiba 19sl738b ledtv price
The Toshiba 19SL738B is a slim, small HDTV which uses LED backlighting to give you the most efficient operation possible on the market today.

Its relatively diminutive 19 inch screen size makes it perfect for use as a secondary TV in a bedroom or kitchen and its super thin design will mean that it is easy to install and keep out of the way so that you have free space to get on with other tasks.

Can double as PC Monitor

Although it is a small scale set the Toshiba 19SL738B is still able to display HD content at 720p.
This means you can hook it up to a Blu Ray player, games console or digital set top box via one of the two HDMI inputs and enjoy pixel perfect HD content.
You can even connect it to a PC via the VGA input and since most modern machines now have HDMI ports as well there are many different devices which can take advantage of this HDTV.
Its variety of inputs also mean that it might make a serviceable computer monitor for someone who wants a screen that goes beyond the basic functions provided by bog standards displays.

The design of the Toshiba 19SL738B is fairly standard for this type of television and from the front it will look comparable with almost any other set in the same category.
However, as soon as you look at it from the side you will notice that it is much thinner than any older LCD TVs, measuring in at under two centimetres deep.

It comes with a stand but you can easily detach this and mount it on a wall.
This might be its preferred method of installation because it will probably not be used as a main television but might be better suited to wall mounting.

On-board Freeview Tuner

Onboard the Toshiba 19SL738B is a Freeview tuner.
This means you can plug it into your aerial system and quickly tune into over 40 free to air digital channels which will not require any kind of monthly payment.

USB for easy music and video playback

Of course if there is nothing on that you fancy watching then you can plug in a USB memory stick to the included port on the side of the Toshiba 19SL738B and watch movies, view photos and listen to music. This is a very useful little feature that means you do not have to connect a PC to the display if you want to enjoy your media files.

Decent quality picture

The LED backlighting of the Toshiba 19SL738B is of the edge-lit variety which means that it is arrayed around the edge of the display.

On larger screens this can sometimes result in inconsistent lighting but because this is a 19 inch option it is never a problem.


LED backlighting offers superior contrast, colour and brightness over equivalent displays which use older fluorescent solutions and it can also use up to 40 per cent less energy if you select the most efficient setting. All this stacks up to make the Toshiba 19SL738B one of the better options in this section of the HDTV market.

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