Sharp Aquos LE600E Series LED TV

Sharp have gone a step further than their rivals Samsung in the current race to produce the perfect picture on an LED lit LCD television. Whereas Samsung have opted for edge- lit LED panels Sharps latest Aquos LE600E range feature Full Back-lit technology.

Sharp LE600E Series
Sharp LE600E Series

Full Backlit LED panels differ from Egde-lit in that the whole of the panel is filled with rows of light emitting diodes or LEDs that illuminate the panel from the rear resulting in better quality bright or dark portions of a scene. Continue reading Sharp Aquos LE600E Series LED TV

Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV Review

The days of the cathode ray tube TV are long gone. Now plasma and in particular LCD TVs are the norm.

These sets are slimmer and lighter than the old CRTs, whilst having larger viewing areas.

However, there are also problems associated with LCD TV technology, such as poor contrast caused by the backlight illumination, which leaves blacks looking washed out and grey.

Now there is a new technology that doesn’t use a backlight like that in an LCD TV, but instead uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) that do not suffer from the same problems, resulting in a striking improvement in the contrast and more vivid colours and a dramatic decrease in the power consumption of the TV.

The Sharp Aquos LC32LE600E LED TV is one of the first TVs to utilise this new LED TV technology.

Full Screen Backlit LED

The Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV uses hundreds of LED in rows that cover every inch of the screen.
This is referred to as Full Screen LED and it differs from some other makes of LED TV, which use LED illumination around the edges (Edge LED).

The use of LED TV technology has three main advantages: better contrast, more vibrant colours and a lower power consumption than a traditional LCD display.

As well as the new Full Screen LED technology the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV also has some other new technologies.

Sharp X-Gen and Crystal Clear Panel

The X-Gen panel is Sharp’s new TV panel that has a greater aperture ratio, allowing more light to pass through.
This enables the TV to display brighter images with lower power consumption.
Also in the screen is Crystal-Clear Technology, which deflects light from the panel at near equal intensity directly away from the screen. This alleviates the problem of light diffusing from the surface on a conventional panel, which causes reduced picture intensity, meaning the Aquos LC32LE600E can achieve deeper levels of black.

LC32LE600E – Full HD Ready 1080P – 3 HDMI

As well as the new picture and power-saving technologies, the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV also has most of the functions you would expect from a quality, modern TV.
The 32-inch screen is Full HD with 1080p resolution, so you will be able to watch superb HD TV signals and fully appreciate the quality of films on Blu-Ray discs.
It also has a 24p cinema mode, so you can watch films at 24 frames per second, just how the director intended them.

For connectivity, it has 3 HDMI ports for HD devices such as a Blu-Ray player or a next generation video games console, as well as component, composite and scart inputs for other devices.

ECO Friendly LED TV

As well as the lower power consumption through the use of Full LED and the X-Gen panel, the LC32LE600E has some additional environmentally friendly features.
These include a power switch on the TV, which uses a lot less energy than standby mode and automatic switching off after a period of time of no signal or operation.

Also, it is made without using mercury so its environmental impact is lessened. All of these features have combined to enable it to achieve an EU Eco Flower, which certifies that it meets the strict environmental standards of the European Union.


Although not as slim as the Samsung Edge-lit models this latest offering from Sharp does have a lot of features if you are in the market for an entry level backlit LED TV.
I say entry level due to the fact the picture refresh rate is 50 Hz. This should not present a problem for normal viewing but if you are into fast paced sports such as football you may be better spending your money on the 100 Hz LC32LE700E panel.

Having said that the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV is a signal of the future of TV, both in terms of picture technology and environmental standards.

Full Specifications

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Samsung Series 6000 LED TV

Introduced to the market in 2009 the Samsung Series 6000 LED TVs offer sharper and brighter images. This has been achieved by a recently new technology called LED edgelighting.

Samsung Series 6000
Samsung Series 6000

The Series 6 range of Samsung HDTV panels are in effect LCD televisions that have LED’s set in the internal edge of the panel that enhances the brightness of the overall picture.

At the moment the Series 6000 comes in 32 inch, 40 inch and 46 inch models. All feature an Ultra Slim design that can be hung from a wall with ease. The use of LED edgelit technology has allowed Samsung to produce a set that is only 1.2 inches in depth and thus when hung from a wall gives a picture frame effect that is absolutely stunning.

The new LED TV technology employed in the Samsung 6000 LCD LED Backlit televisions also offer a reduction in power consumption of 40% over comparable LCD sets of the same size. This is the future of TVs as we all become more power conscience.

Onboard the Series 6 feature 100Hz Motion Plus technology, Mega Contrast Ratio and a Wide Colour Enhancer that produces vibrant colours and a blur free picture in fast action scenes.

4 HDMI connections are allowed on the Samsung Series 6000 LED tv’s to plug in your peripherals such as dvd-player and sky/virgin boxes. A great plus for these sets is the addition of a USB2.0 port where you can connect your camcorder and watch your vids. But it doesn’t stop there because you are now able to connect a thumb or external hard drive via the USB interface and watch videos direct from the drives, which is a great feature if you have a lot of stored media files. Specs report that the most common files are accepted including Divx. So no more DVD burning every time you need to watch a movie stored on your computer.

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Samsung UE32B6000 LED TV Review

Samsung ue32b6000 led tv

When LCD TV sets began to enter the homes of people around the nation, those of us who had been used to massive great CRT monsters for years would go around saying things like ‘gosh, aren’t these new tellies thin?’. And at the time we were right. However, Samsung have gone and made another piece of technology look flabby and outdated, again. Their latest line of LED TVs are slim, sexy and slightly more expensive than similarly sized competition at the moment.

Ultra Slim Panel Gets Up Close

First there’s that all important thin screen design. At just 1.2 inches deep the 32B6000 LED TV is one of the first HD ready sets that can be mounted virtually flush to the wall. This thinness is achieved because the LED side lighting which gives the LED TV its brightness takes up a miniscule amount of space whilst providing high levels of brightness. This particular LED TV is 32″ across the diagonal, which you may or may not know is the most popular size of HD TV. It also has the all important full HD resolution support of 1080p, something most 32″ screens are currently lacking. This means that you’ll be able to watch HD broadcasts and Blu Ray movies just the way they were intended.

LED Edge Lighting for Darker Blacks

Like all Samsung LED TV sets, the 32B6000 is remarkable for more than just its slim design. It also has some very nifty picture processing and display capabilities which means that the colour fidelity and contrast ratio are to die for. Vibrant whites and deep dark blacks match the gorgeously varied hues this LED TV is capable of displaying, so cinophiles will be just as well catered for as sports enthusiasts. As an added bonus the LED lighting technology allows the 32B6000 to use up to 40% less energy than a standard LCD TV, giving it true green credentials.

Now the design. It’s not just the anorexic screen depth that’s remarkable, the whole of the LED TV range from Samsung falls into their ‘touch of colour’ range. This means that though the main surrounding plastic that borders the display is black, this fades into red and then subtly on into a completely clear halo. All in all it’s the height of kitsch fashion and will fit in well with most modern rooms. Some people may find the touch of red a little strong, but if you shop around you may find other colour options.


You may be wondering if there are any downsides to this LED TV. Sadly there are a couple. Firstly the uniformity of the brightness across the screen isn’t quite up to scratch, leaving some areas slightly dimmer than others. Whilst this isn’t a product destroying flaw it may irritate those who are used to other technologies of lighting. Secondly there’s the price. Because Samsung is the first to put an LED TV on the consumer market and the technology is brand new, there’s quite a hefty premium to pay for the privilege of being an early adopter. So, to conclude, the many upsides of the Samsung 32B6000 LED TV far outweigh the couple of niggling flaws. It has all of the modern connections you’d expect, with 4 HDMI ports and styling to brag about, as well as being eco-friendly.

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Full Specification

Screen Size 32 inches Diagonal screen measurement.
Full HD 1080p YES Requires HD reciever for High Definition Broadcasts.
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Refresh Rate 100Hz
Movie Mode 24p Frames per second
Digital Tuner Built In Receive more than 25 Freeview Channels
Speaker Type Down Firing
Speaker Output 10Watts × 2
Woofer YES
Sound Effects YES SRS SRS Trusurround HD & Dolby Digital Plus
HDMI Sockets 4
Optical Digital Audio 1
Audio Out L-R No
D-sub PC input 1
Component 1 Mini Jack (Y/Pb/Pr)
Composite AV 1
Ethernet NO
RF Input 1
CI Slot 1 Common Interface Slot for viewing cards
Scart 1 Mini Jack
Electronic Program Guide YES
Internet@ TV NO
Content Library NO
BD Wise YES Helps in the connection of DVD Players etc.
Sleep Timer YES
Auto Channel Search YES
Auto Power Off YES
Anynet+ YES
Game Mode YES
Teletext YES 1000p
Panel Design
Ultra Slim Flat Screen
Colour Rose Black
Base Stand YES Crystal Glass neck swivel stand
Weight with Stand 18.4kg
Weight without Stand 14.7kg
Panel Size without Stand W × H × D 799mm × 605mm × 30mm
Samsung UE32B6000 Dimensions
Samsung UE32B6000 Dimensions

Product Codes
UN32B6000 available in the US only
UN32B6000VFXZA available in the US only