LG 47LX9900 3D LED TV Review

lg 47lx9900 3d led tv review
With the latest wave of TVs now erupting onto the market, the LG 47LX9900 is one of the latest models to be released and with built in Freeview and 3D ready, this entertainment system incorporates the latest features available.

LG, a supplier historically regarded in the industry as being more competitive in the budget end of the market, whilst retaining the economical price tag are now offering models with high-end features.

Full LED and still only 32mm thick

When purchasing a new TV, picture quality is one of the most important features and one which can be compromised somewhat by market demand for ever-slimmer models.

To be able to offer the ultimate in slim-line technology, many manufacturers use Edge LED backlighting. This allows a very thin TV as the backlights are located at the edge of the screen only. In direct contrast, full array LED backlighting sees the LED lights organised in small groups which can be dimmed or lit separately.
This is much more similar to plasma technology and allows separate parts of the screen to be dark or bright, in line with how the picture is intended to be seen.

With edge backlighting, the whole screen is backlit simultaneously meaning quality of picture is compromised as the sharpness in contrast is lacking. Why would anyone opt for a model with edge backlighting given the clear disadvantage you may ask? Until recently the downside of full array backlighting has been that the frame is bulkier due to the space needed.
However, with the LG 47LX9900, the designers have managed to combine cutting edge full array LED backlighting with a framework slim enough to match even the sleekest edge LED TV models.

The LG 47LX9900 includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses

With 3D the latest feature to have the industry buzzing, there is yet to be established an agreed standard for 3D playback. However, the LG 47LX9900 works well with those broadcasters currently using 3D technology.
Included in the price are 2 sets of active shutter 3D glasses which are rechargeable via USB. Reviewers have rated these glasses positively, describing a substantial feel without being heavy to wear.
However, the only drawback is there does not appear to be much space for spectacle-wearers to sport both pairs.
The angle of viewing is also crucial with viewing needed to be from an upright position (rather than lying on the sofa) in order for the technology to work properly.

Two remotes for easy access to your LED TV

Another innovative feature LG have conceived is the Magic Motion remote control.

The television comes with two remote controls, one being the usual type of remote with all controls accessible by buttons.
The second control is much smaller and on an initial glance, appears to only be able to work the channels, volume and power. However, on closer inspection, the controller also incorporates an ‘OK’ button which triggers an on-screen cursor.
This allows the user to access the remaining menus and also play games by movements of the hand. Reviewers have commented that the controls appear sensitive and accurate, which is always one of the concerns with this type of technology.


Overall, the LG 47LX9900 scores well on all fronts with superior picture quality in 2D and comparable quality in 3D. With various accessories included and attractively priced, this model is expected to become very popular.

LG 47LX9900 Best Price

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Sony KDL46NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl46nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL46NX713U is part of the Network range of LED edge lit televisions.

It has a 46 inch LCD screen, when measured diagonally and boasts several features expected of the Sony brand, including Bravia engine technology and full 1080p high definition screen resolution.

Connect to the internet for catch-up services plus YouTube

The new generation of flat screen LED TVs are now fully equipped to deal with today’s multimedia lifestyle and the Sony KDL46NX713U is no exception.

The Sony Internet TV feature means that, alongside regular television, the viewer can access networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr and keep up to date with the latest viral on YouTube.

There is also the possibility of viewing the very latest on demand or catch up service such as the BBC’s iPlayer.

KDL46NX713U connects to your compatible components for an easy life

The multimedia doesn’t stop there.
The Sony KDL46NX713U also features a new concept called the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network.

This means that you can view your various compatible gadgets, including your phone, laptop or music player on your television screen. This is made possible by the wireless technology found within the Sony KDL46NX713U.

Wireless connection is available via a Dongle purchased separately. Another useful concept is the USB playback.
This allows the user to view media from cameras, camcorders or other device with USB connectivity.

3D Ready but needs extra kit

The Sony KDL46NX713U is 3D ready.
To view 3D, you need a 3D sensor and ‘Active shutter’ glasses.
This is different to conventional 3D television, viewed through green and red cardboard glasses.
The new shutter technology alternates the view from eye to eye at the same frequency as the frames per second on the television.

This 3D technology is in its infancy and the possibilities of 3D screens are endless. The Sony KDL46NX713U is compatible with various other 3D devices such as 3D blu-ray and 3D playstation games.
3D TV has also recently been launched and various sports and television programmes are now being made in full 3D.

Please note that the 3D sensor and glasses needed to view 3D content are extras and have to be bought separately, but some stores are selling a full package to get you up and running.

Superior viewing experience

This technology is made possible because of various factors.
LED lit screens aid the clarity of the picture, by providing incredibly sharp contrast of colours and hues.

The frequency that the television frames can be viewed at are incredibly high. Standard televisions are usually around 50 frames per second.
The new style 3D televisions have a higher 100Hz (100 frames per second) for standard viewing. The Sony KDL46NX713U can view films at an increased 240Hz, which means that they are a true representation of the movie, as the director intended.

Plenty of connector ports for all your equipment

The Sony KDL46NX713U has various connection points to support the various media.
These include 4 x HDMI points which enable the use of external high definition devices, such as a blu-ray player.
There is also a scart socket, USB port, component video connection and optical connection for audio devices such as a home theatre system.

This set looks good in any environment

All Sony televisions including the Sony KDL46NX713U feature the ‘Monolithic’ design, which boasts clean lines and quality materials used in the manufacturing.
This design has its own ‘Monolith’ stand which can be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL46NX713U is a good all rounder. It provides the latest in connectivity and internet capabilities but is also ready for the emerging 3D technology that will be available more and more in the coming months.

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Sony KDL40NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl40nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL40NX713U is part of the range of the HD televisions created by Sony to be 3D ready.
Its 40″ LCD screen is edge lit by LED and has a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution.
It comes ready with HD Freeview and is compatible with Blu-ray DVD players and various games consoles.

Sleek uncompromising appearance

The screen features Sony’s new Monolithic design, which is incredibly clean and simple in its appearance.
The screen is positioned at a 178 degree angle which Sony say is the optimal viewing angle.
The Sony KDL40NX713U is wall mountable but can also be placed on a stand.

Plenty of connections to keep everybody happy

The Sony KDL40NX713U can be connected to various devices via various methods.
All Sony televisions in the Network range are part of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network. This means that you can use your TV to wirelessly view compatible gadgets, such as your phone, laptop or music player on a big screen.

It is also possible to connect to the internet using the wireless capabilities on the Sony KDL40NX713.
This means that you can keep up to date with your friends, family and news via sites such as Facebook and Flickr and even view YouTube.
It is also possible to use the catch up and on-demand services from this television.

You can connect HD devices to the Sony KDL40NX713U via 4 HDMI ports.
This includes HD TV, Blu-ray and PlayStation.
There is also a component video connection, an optical connection (for use with surround sound or home theatre packages) and a USB port. This USB port means that you can view pictures directly from your camera, camcorder or even USB memory stick on the Sony KDL40NX713U.

Great picture with 100Hz MotionFlow

The Sony KDL40NX713U is designed to show television programmes and films as well as Blu-ray and PlayStation in high definition.
This is made possible with various technologies.

All HD televisions must have a 1080p screen resolution. This is further enhanced with the LED edge lit LCD screen.
It is the LED light that helps to add a greater intensity of light and contrast to the picture.
LED lights also have a greater intensity of colour.

The Sony KDL40NX713U shows images at a higher rate of frames per second . Normal television screens show images at around 50Hz (50 images per second) but this panel is capable of running at 100Hz.

3D Ready KDL40NX713U

The 3D capabilities of the Sony KDL40NX713U are the real selling point of this LED TV.

Although the programming and films available are limited at the moment, the technology is ready for them.
The 3D picture can only be viewed with active shutter glasses and 3D sensor, which do have to be purchased separately.

Once your 3D TV is up and running though, there is a facility on the Sony KDL40NX713U which allows you to convert 2D TV and photos into faux 3D. Although not as good as true 3D, it is quite fun to see the possibilities whilst 3D is developed further.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL40NX713U is, for its size a good all rounder.

It is useful as a central point for all of your multimedia requirements. The design will fit in with any décor, because it is plain and simple, but retains a certain style.

Although 3D television is in its infancy, it is good to know that as and when it is available to a wider audience, your TV has the technology to view it.

KDL40NX713U Best Price

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Sony KDL46HX803U 3D LED TV Review

sony kdl46hx803u led 3dtv review
With the eruption of 3D-ready TVs onto the market, it is perhaps not surprising that one of the industry’s long-standing and leading manufacturers, Sony, have been quick to release their own line of TVs.

The Sony KDL46HX803U is one of their larger models and part of the high quality Bravia range, with a 46 inch screen and suitable for home viewing; an ideal size to allow the superior picture quality to be fully appreciated.

Note: The model reviewed here is also known as the KDL46HX803 in some stores.

Edge-lit LED plus 200Hz refresh rate results in superior viewing

With Dynamic Edge backlighting system, the LEDs are lit from around the edges of the screen, thus retaining the appealing super-slim design, but also with local muting of LED to allow the screen to show multi-faceted colours, even on previously matt screen areas such as black.
This innovative lighting system brings depth of colour to all the images with sharp lines and no lag.

Also incorporating 200Hz Motionflow Pro, even the fastest action scene or sports action can be viewed without any lag or double-effect being visible. Most standard televisions only have 50Hz, so with four times as such, it is no wonder the Sony KDL46HX803U is proving popular with consumers.

Top rated onboard sound with digital output to connect to sound system

With such a superior picture, it is imperative that the sound quality matches the high standards.
The Sony KDL46HX803U has a digital amplifier built in with the intelligent S-Force Front Surround, incorporating Steady Sound, which corrects the volume balance between programmes and adverts.

However, as with most large screen televisions, the best sound is obtained via a surround sound system, to truly do it justice. This model handily includes easy to access ‘speaker off’ controls and a digital optical output.

Built-in High Def Freeview Tuner

With such advanced visual enhancements, it would be a shame to not to maximise the effect and view programmes in HD.
This set includes a Freeview tuner built in, thus getting rid of any need for further unsightly boxes or trailing wires. No contract is needed to view many channels broadcast in HD – the only factor is geographical coverage.

The KDL46HX803U connects to your broadband router for internet features

The latest wave of TVs offer a bit more than just the ability to view television and films and the Sony KDL46HX803U is no exception.
With 4 HDMI ports and USB capability, music, films and photos can all be viewed.
In addition, the set includes DNLA which allows streaming of media from the home network. If these features aren’t enough to keep you busy, Sony have developed Bravia Internet Video which is a facility to access the best of the online internet services and sites and also catch-up TV, either via the Ethernet connection or an optional dongle

Final Thoughts

Sony have marketed this as a 3D ready LED TV and whilst this is correct, some further equipment is required to take advantage of any 3D broadcasts, namely a 3D transmitter and also the glasses.
This set might therefore be more appropriate for a consumer wishing to guard against a TV that will quickly become defunct, even if the full set of facilities is not yet required.

Once the additional technology is purchased, this set broadcasts beautifully in HD 3D and is compatible with all the channels and media currently available in 3D.

KDL46HX803U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-46HX803U LED 3DTV.

Don’t forget this Telly qualifies for the Sony VAT Back Promotion – Buy before 24th December and claim back the VAT.

Sony KDL40HX803U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl40hx803u led 3dtv review
As one of the leaders in the technology industry Sony has now released a series of 3D-ready LED HDTVs. The Sony KDL40HX803U (in some stores known as the Sony KDL40HX803) has an RRP of £1400 and is one of the heavily-advertised Bravia range.

Stunning looking set with anti-glare screen

Sony have stated their main focus is excellence of picture quality and the KDL40HX803U uses Edge LED technology, complemented by local dimming to comprise the system known as ‘Intelligent Dynamic Edge LED’.
The use of Edge LED allows the model to be attractively slim and ideal for wall-mounting.
The edge LEDs can be muted locally increasing the backlight contrast, especially effective for blacks and whites. The Sony KDL40HX803U has also been created specifically to minimise any glare in brightly lit rooms.

Up to 4 times faster refresh than standard 50Hz TVs

Sony’s 200Hz Motionflow and Image Blur Reduction technology has been incorporated into the KDL40HX803U which reduces the lag on any high-speed action scenes and optimises smooth viewing.
This expertise uses 4 times the number of images utilised on a 50Hz TV and features a flickering backlight to add cinematic effect.

Another nice feature is the Automatic Ambience Selector which automatically analyses the light and ambient colour in the room and adjusts the settings, thus reducing any strain on the eye.

Full 3D Capabilities with minimal limitations

The 3D capability is compatible with the major broadcasters currently in the market and the images are good despite some crosstalk (double images) being visible.
However, this problem affects every 3D set currently on the market to a greater or lesser degree and the effect is fairly minimal on this model.
A point to note regarding 3D function is that the HDMI option can interfere with receiving some 3D channels so may need to be switched off beforehand.

Unfortunately, the LED TV does not come with all the accessories necessary for 3D viewing with both glasses (however many sets are needed) and a 3D sync transmitter needing to be bought separately. Sony have explained the reason being that these televisions are for customers wanting to ‘future-proof’ their purchase and potentially add 3D at a later stage.

The KDL40HX803U easily connects to the internet with plenty of options

Sony have put a lot of work into their network portal, Bravia Internet Video Users are able to access the internet via their Sony KDL40HX803 either using an (optional) Dongle or by using the Ethernet connection.
Once connected, users can view both free and pay-TV sites, access web-based services and also stream directly to the TV.
Wi-Fi ready, the Sony KDL40HX803U can be connected to an existing network, via the optional Dongle. As well as streaming videos, the set can also receive photos and music and plays back via S-Force Front Surround, an innovative surround sound system.

Final Thoughts

On a practical front, the set includes 4 HDMI ports, helpful for customers wanting to plug in games consoles and Blu Ray players, plus a USB connection and Ethernet capability.
For customers looking for a bit extra from their television, the Sony KDL40HX803U offers an eco-friendly option. The menu allows the user to select preferences which reduce power consumption, not only kinder to the environment but also lowering household bills.

So if you are in the market for a set that will deliver top notch High Definition 2D pictures but will easily future proof itself for the inclusion of 3D media then this TV would be a worthy investment.

KDL40HX803U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-40HX803U LED 3DTV.

Samsung UE46C8000 LED 3DTV Review

samsung ue468000 led tv best price
The Samsung UE46C8000 LED TV is one of the few HD sets that can offer 3D playback for a deep, immersive viewing experience that heralds the dawn of a new generation in the home entertainment market.

With a 46 inch screen it is large enough to satisfy movie buffs and sports fans alike and if you want to future-proof your living room with the latest technology, then this is one of the 3D TVs that should be on your wish list.

Slimline Panel with Green Credentials

The Samsung UE46C8000 uses LED technology for its backlighting so there is no bulk to take up room and make it look chunky, you get a slim, stylish looking TV that is a joy to behold whether you mount it on the wall or stand it on its own.
The display is complimented by a bezel that is fashioned from metal to give it a metallic sheen that is not distracting or over the top.This means that whether it is on or off, the Samsung UE46C800 will look its best.

On top of looking great, this TV is also 50 per cent more energy efficient than the equivalent model from the previous year – Samsung is always working to cut down on emissions to give you the most responsible product possible.

3D Ready plus 2D upscaling

The killer function of the Samsung UE46C8000  is of course its 3D capabilities and it does not disappoint.

You can view 3D content from the latest 3D Blu Rays if you have a compatible player and even more impressive is the fact that Samsung claim that its 3D engine can turn plain old 2D content into a 3D spectacle. In general practise this produces a 3D type visual effect but it doesn’t compete with proper 3D content.
But it does mean you do not have to replace your DVD or Blu Ray collection all over again to enjoy this cutting edge feature.

It is worth bearing in mind that you will need to buy your own active shutter 3D glasses in order to unlock the 3D content and each viewer will need their own pair.
However, if you consider the Samsung UE46C800 as 3D-ready, then you can always upgrade your accessories and equipment at a later date, making this a sensible long term investment.

UE46C8000 connects to the internet for that added multi-media experience

If you are watching 2D content on the Samsung UE46C800, you can enjoy it in full HD 1080p and the excellent colour reproduction and contrast levels are a stamp of Samsung’s reputation in this market.

There are four HDMI inputs and a host of other options which give you flexibility in how you connect your various multimedia devices to your TV.
There is also onboard internet connectivity to let you watch online video, rent films, check the news and even access your Facebook and Twitter accounts, thanks to Samsung’s Internet@TV service.

This is one of the top of the line TVs that offer Skype compatibility, which means you can buy the camera accessory and chat to friends and family anywhere in the world in full colour video using your broadband connection.

Final Thoughts

If you want a 3D ready LED TV that has movie star good looks and a host of features to tide you over until you can afford that 3D Blu Ray player, then the Samsung UE46C8000 is the TV for you.

Alternatively if you have already invested in 3D technology, or if your current player or games console can offer 3D content via an update, then you can delve into the three dimensional audiovisual experience immediately.

UE46C8000 Best Price

Note: The panel reviewed here is the same model that is available in John Lewis department stores but may be labeled as the UE46C8000X.

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE46C8000 3D LED TV.

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Samsung UE40C8000 LED 3DTV Review

samsung ue40c8000 led tv best price
The Samsung UE40C8000 LED TV is one of a new range that is designed to astound your senses, thanks to its 3D display capabilities and well proportioned 40 inch screen size.
You will struggle to find a more capable television in this price range and if you bear in mind that you will pay more because of its high end capabilities, then it will definitely strike a chord with you.

Superior 3D Picture

Before we get into the design or picture quality, it is worth talking about the 3D capabilities of the Samsung UE40C8000.
You may have seen a 3D film at the cinema, but this is one of the first TVs to let you take that eye-popping experience and bring it into the comfort of your own home. You will need to buy some 3D glasses in order to view the 3D effects, just like you do at the cinema and as such each member of your family will probably be clamouring for this accessory.
There is plenty of 3D content out there, with an ever-growing library of 3D films coming to Blu Ray in full HD and 3D games arriving on the PlayStation 3, to make the experience even more interactive and immersive.
You will soon be able to get pay TV in 3D with live sport and films, this is an effect that you can enjoy right now or at a later date when you have the necessary equipment.

The UE40c8000 offers the latest in 3D Technology in a truly slimline panel

The Samsung UE40C8000 is an LED TV, which means that rather than using bulky old backlighting technology, it has eco-friendly LEDs mounted behind the display. This gives you greater energy efficiency and a build that is slimmer than anything offered by the previous generation.
All of this is afforded without any reduction in picture quality or contrast and you can also enjoy the benefits of a much more aesthetically pleasing device, which looks classy and powerful wherever it is placed.
Extra augmentations like the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and the HyperReal Engine, creating a broad, comprehensive feature set which give stunning results whatever you choose to watch.

Fully Featured Home Media Centre

After you have exhausted your Blu Ray collection and sieved the TV guide for any shred of entertainment, you can always turn to the Internet@TV service, which is integrated into the Samsung UE40C8000. This lets you take your TV online and then access a whole host of top media all using your remote control.
You can watch your favourite soaps and dramas on the BBC iPlayer, stream clips from YouTube and keep up with the latest happenings on Twitter.
If you wish, you can even view your Facebook profile on the big screen and check out the weather and news from reputable outlets. This online service can either be delivered via an Ethernet cable hooked up to the TV’s dedicated port, or you can slip in the separate USB Wi-Fi adaptor, which is sold as an accessory to completely remove wires from the equation.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40C800 is a top of the line device that beats most of the non-3D TVs of an equivalent screen size.
This panel is truly stunning and will appeal to consumers who require the media and internet features that allowing connection to not only a range of online services such as Skype but will also seamlessly let you share music and photos on your home network.

There are other 3D TVs out there, but this provides a balance between price and performance and packs in more versatile capabilities than most of its direct rivals.

UE40C8000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40C8000 3D LED TV.
Note: The panel reviewed here is the same model that is available in John Lewis department stores but may be labeled as the UE40C8000X.

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Samsung UE40C7000 3D LED TV Review

samsung ue40c7000 led tv best price
The 3D revolution has only just hit the home market after it proved itself in front of cinema audiences, netting billions of pounds and forging a completely new type of audiovisual experience.

At 40 inches the Samsung UE40C7000 is the smallest of the 3D LED TV range that the South Korean firm currently offers, but it comes with a bucket load of features and a good deal of style.

Full HD 3D Panel + 4 HDMI Slots

The Samsung UE40C7000 has an LCD panel that is capable of displaying full HD 1080p content, even when that content is in 3D, so you get an unrivalled picture if you have the right kind of equipment to take advantage of the latest 3D TV technology.

It has four HDMI inputs and all the usual outputs for surround sound and optical audio for those with high end home entertainment systems into which they are planning to slot this TV.

The Samsung UE40C7000 is able to achieve its impressive 2.65 centimetre frame thickness because it is powered by LED backlighting which takes up less space and consumes less electricity than outdated backlighting seen in cheaper HDTVs.
The LED backlighting does not cause a loss in brightness or a lack in contrast either, so you can reduce your energy consumption and get a better picture whilst the TV itself looks slim, stylish and eminently modern.

Built-in High Definition Tuner

There is a built in Freeview HD tuner hidden within the Samsung UE40C7000 and if your area is catered to by Freeview HD you will be able to start watching subscription-free high definition content right now.
Over the next couple of years more of the country will be getting Freeview HD coverage, so this TV is a good option for anyone looking to futureproof their home entertainment setup.

Of course most people who are willing to invest in this 3D TV will want to get 3D content as soon as possible and there are two ways of achieving this.
Either you will need to buy a Blu Ray player that is compatible with 3D movies, or you will need to get a subscription TV package that offers 3D channels.
Neither option is particularly cheap, but then the Samsung UE40C7000 is not exactly aimed at the budget audience and anyone who is going to find the spare cash for a high end, brand new TV will probably be quite happy with dispensing a bit more to complete the experience.
In a further note, this television does not actually come with the active shutter glasses which are necessary should you wish to view 3D content, so make sure you have all of the required components to avoid disappointment.

Internet Ready

The Samsung UE40C7000 can be connected to the internet if you either have an Ethernet cable or if you buy a USB adaptor that lets it seek out your home Wi-Fi network.
Once online, you will be able to use Samsung’s Internet@TV service to watch online videos, catch up on TV shows and check out the latest news.
The Samsung UE40C7000 is even compatible with video calling via Skype, so if you buy the set top camera accessory you will be able to chat with friends and family from the comfort of your living room.

Final Thoughts on the UE40C7000 3DTV

If you are ready to buy into the 3D TV market right now, then you will find that the Samsung UE40C7000 has plenty to offer and should remain technologically relevant for several years. However, make sure that you realise the additional requirements of 3D TV before you commit to a purchase.

UE40C7000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40C7000 3D LED TV.

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