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Panasonic TX-L42E3B Review

January 6, 2012 by  
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The Panasonic TX-L42E3B is an entry level 42 inch LED TV designed to make this kind of slim, stylish set available to the masses. Its large display area will give movie nuts something to drool about and the fact that it has a Freeview HD tuner should be well appreciated amongst those who are tired […]

LG 42LW550T Review

December 27, 2011 by  
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The LG 42LW550T is the TV of choice for anyone who wants to jump on the 3D bandwagon at the more inclusive passive end of the spectrum. This models bigger brother the LG 47LW550T won numerous Best Buy Awards in 2011, so it seams reasonable that its 42 inch sibling will cut the mustard. It […]

Panasonic TX-L42E30B LED TV Review

June 22, 2011 by  
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The Panasonic TX-L42E30B is an LED TV with a large 42 inch widescreen display which sets out to prove that if you want big-screen cinematic thrills you do not have to opt for a bulky plasma screen. It comes close to leading the range of TV products offered by Panasonic this year and although it […]

LG 42LE5900 LED TV Review

April 5, 2011 by  
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LG is a firm intent on leading the way in the LED TV market. The LG 42LE5900 pays testament to that fact, featuring all of the modern perks and privileges you would expect from a large 42-inch LCD display. This is coupled with the added bonus of having LED backlighting, which makes it slimmer and […]

LG 42LX6900 3D LED TV Review

February 1, 2011 by  
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The LG 42LX6900 is an LED TV that is able to display 3D content using active shutter glasses technology for the most cutting edge home cinema experience on the planet. If you are going to invest in a 3D TV in the early days of their availability, the LG 42LX6900 is definitely one of the […]

Panasonic TX-L42D25B LED TV Review

August 10, 2010 by  
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Future Proof your Options with 2 High Definition Tuners With many new LED HDTVs you will be required to choose between either an integrated Freesat HD or Freeview HD Tuner; with the Panasonic TXL42D25B you get both. You will therefore be able to access tons of free to air channels without having to sign up […]

LG 42SL9000 LED TV Review

November 10, 2009 by  
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LG are one of only a handful of commercial HD TV manufacturers to bring out a range of TVs which utilise LED technology to light the display. The LG 42SL9000 is the smallest screen in their new range of LED televisions but it offers all of the same technical attributes as its slightly larger stable […]