Panasonic TX-L32D25B LED TV Review

panasonic txl32d25b led tv

45mm Deep for a Slimline Look

When viewed face on, the Panasonic TXL32D25B appears an unassuming HDTV with a simple black finish and clean lines giving it a classic if unremarkable style. However, as soon as you see it from the side you will realise what all the fuss is about, because it is far slimmer than a majority of previous generation televisions thanks to the LED backlighting technology that powers it, allowing for brighter images, lower energy consumption and a slimmer overall build.

The display still relies on the LCD technology found in most HDTVs, but it is the inclusion of LED backlighting that marks it out as a modern device.

Note: The model reviewed here is also displayed as the Panasonic TX-L32D26B in Comet.

2 High Def Tuners On-Board

The Panasonic TXL32D25B has two built in digital TV tuners, with one dedicated to decoding Freesat transmissions, whilst the other is intended for Freeview broadcasts.
Both of these tuners can handle the high definition content (HD) that is supplied via these services and so as Freeview HD is rolled out across the UK there will be lots more HD programming available, with some areas already eligible to receive this subscription-free HD service.

The panel’s maximum resolution of 1920×1080 means that it is ready to support full HD 1080p signals from Blu Ray discs and games consoles, as well as other HD resolutions offered by set top boxes and portable devices.

100 Hz Frame Rate for enhanced picture quality

The Panasonic TX-L32D25B has a high native refresh rate which means action sequences and sports matches will look top notch. However, many older inputs and content will run in 50Hz, which means that the television has to work in order to fill in the blanks between frames to provide a smooth experience.
Thankfully Panasonic has given its whole Viera LED TV range advanced image processing technology that can take images from virtually any source and make them look their best onscreen.

You will also be able to take advantage of a dynamic contrast ratio of two million to one, which means the darker areas of the picture will look luscious and deep whilst the brighter areas are not overly dimmed or washed out.
This is all achieved while the LED backlighting technology consumes up to 40 per cent less energy than traditionally backlit HDTVs, so you can watch the Panasonic TXL32D25B safe in the knowledge that you are doing minimal environmental damage.

Built in Skype and Twitter

The Panasonic TXL32D25B has VIERA CAST capabilities integrated and to take advantage of these features you will need to plug in the TV to your broadband via a network cable or a USB Wi-Fi stick, both of which are sold separately.
Once you have the Panasonic TXL32D25B online you will be able to access a growing library of applications and services, including the VoIP calling capabilities of Skype and the famous micro blogging phenomenon Twitter. This means you will not need to fire up your PC or laptop if you want to keep in touch or check out the latest goings on online.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic TXL32D25B forms part of a new range of VIERA TVs launched by one of the most respected manufacturers working in the market today.
It comes with a host of forward thinking, appealing features and sits in the popular 32 inch screen size bracket which a majority of consumers choose for their own homes as a perfect balance between display size and price.
If you are thinking about upgrading your existing HDTV, then going the Panasonic route will be well worth the investment.

TXL32D25B Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Panasonic TX-L32D25B LED TV.
We have also included the Panasonic TX-L32D26B model from Comet which is the same telly in our review.

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